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Datacenter and Industrial Equipment. Our UPS systems help in far more places than office environments or industrial systems. We develop products for almost every conceivable sector and application, creating appropriate uninterruptible power supply units for each of them. The metro system in Berlin is a good example.

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Here, display panels and PA systems remain in operation in the event of a mains power failure. If the standard is not sufficient: Working closely with you, we develop the right solution for your uninterruptible power supply, one that delivers precisely what you need. Talk to us about our individual UPS solutions! And in the event of a power failure, we are there for you as rapidly as possible.

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The right UPS for your needs. Our UPS units keep you online.

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  • For offices, trade, industry, municipal authorities and for private use. Versatile and scalable: UPS units, accumulators and power management. DC power supply units — Systems for the supply of power to devices and systems that operate using direct current.