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Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, , pp. Everywhere I turned I found elegant summaries of themes--some which I have studied, others about which I have heard mention, and some of which I had heard no news. There is an extraordinary array of briefs on important figures and themes, and dozens of explanations of technical concepts, many notorious for their obscurity. Skip to main content.

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‘Suddenly a Stranger Appears’

A comprehensive reference work of notoriously difficult concepts and themes in continental philosophy With over definitions and articles by an international team of specialists, this comprehensive dictionary covers the thinkers, topics, and technical terms associated with the many intersecting fields known as continental philosophy. Special care has been taken to explain complex ideas, methods, and figures.

Entries strive for clarity and concision, offering helpful definitions and sober, reliable accounts of key concepts. Professionals, students, and general readers alike will find the dictionary an invaluable reference tool and a treasured addition to the library shelf. Also of Interest.

ISBN 13: 9780226740461

Gregory J. An Interpretation of "Thus Spoke Zarathustra".

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