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I'm attempting to pre-program a show for an Element on the offline ETCnomad software version 2.

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I've got Fixture Library Version 2. My problem involves specifying that a gobo should rotate slowly. Under "Gobo Select", I select "whirlpool" gobo 5 and then "Rot". This is most unhelpful, as I now cannot set a speed for that rotation. Almost 40 interviews were conducted with key industry, academic and national lab leaders.

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Secondary research consisted of reviews of both technical and business articles related to quantum encryption. The profiles in this report chronicle their main products and services, along with their product roadmaps, marketing strategies and views on the quantum computing market in general. A list of the firms profiled is provided below.

The hardware projections in the report are broken out by quantum computers, quantum annealers and quantum simulators, with both numbers of machines shipped and the value of the market provided. By , Inside Quantum Technology predicts that, in total, almost of these machines will be shipped annually.

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See more Quantum Patent Grants…. Prioritized Distribution of Funds in Reverse Mortgages Application Number - September 12, Disbursements in an electronic reverse mortgage application may be prioritized.

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