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Is the null-graph a pointless concept? Which graphs have integral spectra?

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Generalized ramsey theory for graphs - a survey. Some recent results in topological graph theory. A survey of finite embedding theorems for partial latin squares and quasigroups.

Combinatorics and Graph Theory

Computing the Characteristic polynomial of a graph. Finding an independent set in a planar graph. A class of starter induced 1-factorizations. Chromatically equivalent graphs.

On covering the points of a graph with point disjoint paths. A useful family of bicubic graphs.


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Boreham, I. Tree Structures in Immunology. Combinatorial Aspects of Enzyme Kinetics. Spatial Models of Power and Voting Outcomes.

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We especially thank the Workshop Organizers, Joel Cohen and Fred Roberts, for organizing a workshop which brought together many of the major figures in a variety of research fields connected with the application of combinatorial ideas to the social and biological sciences. To set the stage for the other papers in this volume, seven fundamental concepts which arise in the applications of combinatorics and graph theory in the biological and social sciences are described.

These ideas are: RNA chains as "words" in a 4 letter alphabet; interval graphs; competition graphs or niche overlap graphs; qualitative stability; balanced signed graphs; social welfare functions; and semiorders.

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For each idea, some basic results are presented, some recent results are given, and some open problems are mentioned. Each discipline has contributed greatly to the others, and the purpose of the Conference is to decrease even further the gaps between the fields. Mullin, and Stephen Locke cordially invite participation in our Conference by interested persons in the academic community as well as business, industry and government.

40. Dual of Planar Graph

The 50th Conference is partially supported by the National Security Agency pending and the Institute for Combinatorics and its Applications. Contributed Talks for the Special Sessions are to be submitted according to the required format:.